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A professional washing a car using soap, water and sponge

Premium Valeting Services In Stevenage

JRS Valeter is your go-to destination for practical valeting services in Stevenage and surrounding areas. Our mobile car valeting services cater to various vehicles, from standard cars to commercial fleets, ensuring reliable cleanliness and upkeep. We offer a straightforward range of valet services, including plant valeting, car pressure wash, wheel cleaning, car wash, efficient hand car wash, hand car buffing services, commercial vehicle cleaning and practical interior shampoo—all at affordable prices.

Explore our mini valets for a quick refresh, or opt for our gold package, which includes a complimentary £15 air conditioner sanitiser, adding extra value to your service. Our expertise extends to cleaning various vehicles, such as van valeting, caravan valeting, fleet vehicle valeting, motorhome valeting, agricultural machinery valeting, and commercial machinery valeting.

We provide flexible services tailored to your lease car and vehicle valet needs. Emphasising simplicity, we offer straightforward options for contract work, ensuring your vehicles remain in good condition. With our mobile services, we come to you simplifying the valeting process. Take advantage of our snow foaming service, which adds an extra layer of cleaning efficiency.

From water tanks to static caravans and motorhomes, we cover it all. Contact JRS Valeter for reliable, efficient valeting services catering to your requirements.

Our Valeting Service Packages

A man hovering over a car seat while cleaning it

Interior Valet

Our interior valet guarantees a pristine finish with thorough vacuuming, carpet shampooing, upholstery washing, and headlining cleaning, ensuring a spotless and inviting interior.

A professional using a cloth to clean a car

Bronze Package

Elevate your vehicle's appeal with our bronze package. Enjoy a complete exterior clean, bodywork, interior vacuum, leather cleaning, window washing, wheel cleaning, and meticulous door shut cleaning.

Close-up view of a man holding a polisher to polish a car body

Silver Package

Upgrade to our silver package for a polished exterior, gelling of plastic and vinyl, enhancing your vehicle's overall shine and protection. Includes all features from the bronze package.

Close-up view of a car tyre being washed

Gold package

Indulge in luxury with our gold package. Achieve a showroom-standard finish with leather and exterior polishing, plastic and tyre shine, interior upholstery wash, headlining cleaning, dashboard shine, and wheels/alloys cleaning. Plus, a complimentary aircon sanitiser for a fresh driving experience.


  • Q. How Long Is A Basic Valet?
    A. The time taken reflects the condition of the car. Generally, it averages about 45 minutes.

Precision In Every Detail! Our Valeting Services Redefine Perfection. Call 07788 372745 To Book.​

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